Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, imaginary shopping really! My very talented friend Carol made me this little shop for my 50th birthday in September. It is approximately 8" high and filled with the tiniest of flowers in baskets and pots. Mostly made by her.
There is even a little poster and some wreaths on the wall, and a pile of tiny pieces of tissue paper for wrapping my flowers in, and a little order book.
She was in my house a few days ago and I was showing her my white flowers that I didn't want to use, and she just opened up the shop (the door opens, and the back also opens up) and very carefully and cleverly folded the stems and put them into an empty jug beside the door. So they now live in my flower shop (we decided they looked just like gardenias) and every time I sit down in my rocking chair I can see them, as my little shop lives on the window sill beside my chair. She offered to make me a selection of banners too, so I could change the mood (like Happy Christmas) but I said no, this was my Happy Birthday shop and that's how it would stay!


  1. It is such perfection!


    P.S. I have some cake boxes from AO'K here for you.

  2. oh cool, we must find a joint free slot at some point soon :)

  3. That is just beautiful Lisa, I love it.


  4. She is a talented lady your friend, it is just such a beautiful shop :)

  5. How beautiful - what a really wonderful gift to receive. The Lavender flower fairy is one of my favourites!

  6. Wow that is absolutely fantastic...just awesome.I never saw anything like it and sure I never will!