Monday, December 6, 2010


Once again time has gone by and I haven't blogged. Not sure why really, cos I have been on here reading other people's blogs and following Eli's story and loving his photos. It's just been busy busy busy. And then it snowed. And snowed. Sadly for me, it snowed in one of our busiest weeks and it has been an absolute pain trying to get in and out of town to ballet performances. While it was beautiful, it was so frustrating as everything ground to a halt. And the cats were seriously unimpressed!
I have 3 Friday's worth of flowers to show, but I haven't even taken a photo of last Friday's yet so these 2 pretty ones will have to do for the moment. I haven't done any crafting for ages as I've been too busy, but I did manage to start writing my Christmas cards. Just have to finish them now!

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  1. Ah the poor cat :( We missed out on all the snow, just a bit of frost so it wasn't too bad. Love the flowers, purple daisies are my favourite!