Friday, January 14, 2011


This is a tin. A blue tin with a brass coloured lid and white flowers on it, sort of vaguely Japanese in design. Maybe. I have had it for about 15 years and it doesn't look anything special really. I keep the weights for my weighing scales in it. I don't remember what it used to hold before it was mine, perhaps sugar.
But every time I look at it, I am standing in the kitchen of my beloved aunt, talking to her and my cousin, and I feel so comforted. My cousin suffered from schizophrenia all her life, and she was sometimes quite difficult and awkward to deal with. But other times she was very positive, loving and supportive. She was given to impulsive gestures of affection and on one of these she gave me some things from their house, and this tin was one of them. All the things she gave me were blue and white, I guess she knew I would like them :) My aunt was one of my heroines when I was growing up and I loved her very much..........and I'm glad that every time I do some baking or some cooking, I use the tin that brings me right back to her.
Does anyone else have associations like this?

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  1. Absolutely! Strangely many of mine are also involved in baking items. An old set of pastry cutters in an ancient box. My mother's battered Tala weighing 'cone' and my grandmother's beautiful pudding bowl that is Victoria. Lovely post Sabriel. Isn't it wonderful that these people are still alive through things they used - used with love. Talk soon. Mme. Poirot still on the case here!!! Cx.