Monday, January 17, 2011


I spent only 22 euro and I got 4 albums (three 12x12 and one 8x8), stickers, paper in both sizes, labels, chipboard shapes and stick on letters. I won't say the shop cos I don't want to advertise but it's big and it sells things cheap, and you just have to take a chance on what you find on any given day. One of the albums is quite unusual -
it only cost me 2 euro, as some things were missing. It has 2 frames that you can stick down, with 12 slots, and there should be 12 little notebooks, but I only got 6, and then there is ribbon and waxed thread. You can decorate each notebook and use the thread to bind them together. I am going to use it to make something special for my son's 18th later this year. I think I will just use one notebook at the start and then make 11 mini layouts/scenes/memories of important things in his life. I'm already starting to collect things for it, and have ordered some Fimo and UTEE to make some other stuff too.........all I need now is moooooooooooore tiiiiiiime!!! :P


  1. That was a brilliant haul!!! I'm
    Going to Galway in a few weeks can't wait to get at said shop lol

  2. Bueno ya tienes una seguidora mas te invito a