Saturday, February 5, 2011


Wow, it's February - I really am NOT good at this picture a day thing........I need to be much more disciplined! In my defence I haven't been lounging around like my DOES he manage to get himself into such a corkscrew shape? And still sleeps peacefully. Today is the first day since the start of the year that I actually have a whole day to myself and I'm really enjoying it. I'm planning to catch up on some crafting projects and read and watch TV and knit.
I visited my beloved Glasgow recently, it was such a beautiful winter's day, so I had to take a picture of the university from Kelvingrove Museum. I spent a lovely hour in the museum, wandering about, and looking at their new Mackintosh display and having a cup of tea, just enjoying being there again and surrounded by so many memories. There was an organ recital too, but sadly I had to leave before it started.
On the way in I spotted this sign, which I thought was kinda quirky........I feel a bit like a museum object some days myself!

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  1. I know I'd find a 365 project too stressful, much as I love photography :D. With our weather I think I'd be taking a lot of indoor staged close-ups. And sometimes I think you just need to enjoy the moment.
    It always amazes me the way cats can be so comfortable in such strange positions. Somewhere I have a photo of my parents cat in a large flower pot, fast asleep in the sun. I've no idea how he even fit into it - he was a big cat - but he looked blissfully content.
    Try the grunge paper flowers - mine had been sitting there relatively unused for the last few months. It was a tutorial on one of his 12 Tags of Christmas posts, but I just used a die that I had.
    I like that sign!!