Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crafty Day

I've had a crafty day today, after a quick dash to the supermarket this morning, and a visit to the arty shop to get some white Fimo and another clear ink stamp pad. Very relaxing and I'm ready now to get a glass of wine, cook some dinner and watch Dr Who! This card is for a birthday, it's a bit pink, but it's for a girl who likes pink!
I started my mini album of the recent INYB shows, the cover is my usual concoction of mounting board, acrylic paint, pva glue and assorted decorations! I made the cover last week and put the book together, today I started on the pages.
I played with my new embossing and die cutting machine, still waiting for the dies I really want to arrive in the post, but this one did for a start! Got messy with the chalks too..........and used my new 2" circle punch. Thanks to Jackie for the inspiration for this one!
I've also been playing with UTEE and getting very messy - wow it really does get everywhere if you are not careful! This little embellie was made with a cookie cutter and a pic from the latest Sky magazine. I read about it in a blog and as I don't have a melting pot thingie, I improvised with a tin can over the gas stove! Definitely something I'm going to mess about with some more.
I also played about with some Bake'n'Bend and made some new moulds from an owl charm off a necklace and some new stamps. The brown owl should have been white too...........I managed to burn the Fimo!! Still, I think he will look okay - my next plaything is some Goldfinger, which I managed to find the other day, so these guys will be getting painted very soon.
A lot of my ideas are stolen from Lou who (as well as Jackie) is a constant source of inspiration to me, and I'm stealing a 30 day challenge from her as well. I have a list of items and for each one I am hoping to make a crafty something, card, LO, whatever - I plan to start tomorrow, the 1st May, and so by the end of May I will have 30 new projects completed. I hope!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Time

Its that time of year again when spring is springing out all over the place and things are just bursting into flower. We lost so many things in our garden this year that I was very pleased to find this anemone under our silver birch.
The bluebells make a nice little woodland bed at this time of year, and I got some salad and wildflower seeds planted today too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


where did the last few weeks go? One answer is ballet, ballet, ballet. INYB were performing their Dance Celebration which consisted of 3 new ballets, The Ugly Duckling, South Pacific and The Snow Queen. I was busy busy busy helping with that! There are many wonderful photos on Ewa's website.
The other answer is my son's 18th birthday and that album from Ikea that only cost me €2. I filled each 6x4 box with something that he likes/did/does/was part of his life to date.
Thank you Lou for the Fimo embellies that I used in it. He loved it! Next project, a mini album using pictures from the latest ballet show. Thankfully some Easter holidays to give me some time to get started! I have also been out in the garden today - it's in such a mess, and we have lost a lot of things in the last winter. Many empty spots which will need to be filled, and sadly my pretty Star Aster that I planted for Flash also succumbed to the snow. I'm going to invest in a large roll of fleece to be armed for this winter!