Thursday, April 28, 2011

Garden Time

Its that time of year again when spring is springing out all over the place and things are just bursting into flower. We lost so many things in our garden this year that I was very pleased to find this anemone under our silver birch.
The bluebells make a nice little woodland bed at this time of year, and I got some salad and wildflower seeds planted today too.


  1. What a relief to know I'm not going to be the last planting my wildflower seeds! I just ordered some from Chiltern Seeds along with some bamboo seeds in case the one I grew last year doesn't respond to loving care and nurture after the snow.
    I love those anemones de Caen, they're one of my (many) favourite flowers.
    It's scary how early everything is this year - we saw swifts or martens today.

  2. Gorgeous photos - highlighting your fav colour! Cx