Tuesday, April 19, 2011


where did the last few weeks go? One answer is ballet, ballet, ballet. INYB were performing their Dance Celebration which consisted of 3 new ballets, The Ugly Duckling, South Pacific and The Snow Queen. I was busy busy busy helping with that! There are many wonderful photos on Ewa's website.
The other answer is my son's 18th birthday and that album from Ikea that only cost me €2. I filled each 6x4 box with something that he likes/did/does/was part of his life to date.
Thank you Lou for the Fimo embellies that I used in it. He loved it! Next project, a mini album using pictures from the latest ballet show. Thankfully some Easter holidays to give me some time to get started! I have also been out in the garden today - it's in such a mess, and we have lost a lot of things in the last winter. Many empty spots which will need to be filled, and sadly my pretty Star Aster that I planted for Flash also succumbed to the snow. I'm going to invest in a large roll of fleece to be armed for this winter!

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