Monday, May 23, 2011

A book you’ve been reading

I found this book in the local shop for 3.99 which I thought was good value - can't say it's the best book I've ever read, and certainly not one of Michael Crichton's better ones, but it's a reasonable story and it sort of flows along and engages your interest without taxing your brain too much! Apparently it was a manuscript they found in his office after his death - I can see why he maybe decided not to pursue it! However, I couldn't resist the whole pirate thing, I do love pirates. When I'm not being a white-haired elf warrior flying about on her dragon I am a pirate stomping around in thigh-high boots and snogging Johnny Depp............if only!
Anyhow, enough of the nonsense. I decided to keep with the pirate theme and use some more photos from my to-do pile. I did cheat today and went and bought some new paper because I just didn't have anything already that was quite right. I found this new pack from Papermania and thought the parrots were just the thing! Then some stickers and letters and sequins and its yo ho ho and off we go!


  1. Great LO Lisa :) those pirates are cute! I'll send you some TH birds if you want just ask!