Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Pet

My pet at the moment is my new wireless printer, which takes cardstock and watercolour paper with no trauma! It also means that I can sit at my laptop and play around with fonts etc, or try out different things for craft projects and then send them to the printer, it's so easy. Today I printed out something for a new baby card.


  1. Not quite the same as a cat! But a printer that takes watercolour paper - lucky you. I'm running out my my light stuff - what weight can you feed through your Epson.
    New baby - must go and get one on the way, thanks for the reminder.
    I don't actually get woken by the train, it's more that if I am awake my subconscious is aware whether it's the first train or not. We had them in earshot growing up too, I certainly don't find it a problem sound.

  2. my watercolour paper is 140gsm and it goes through fine :D