Friday, May 6, 2011

Someone that inspires me

This was a tough one, as there are quite a few people that inspire me at the moment, but as I had these Darwin stamps for a long time and wanted to do something with them, I decided to go for a childhood inspiration, Charles Darwin. This LO isn't finished yet, I'm waiting for some Crackle Glaze to dry on some embellies, but I decided to take a picture of part of it anyway. Don't want to miss a day of my challenge!
It might seem like a strange choice of inspiration, the man whom most people associate with the theory of evolution and the whole man-as-monkey thing but Darwin was so much more than that. (And by the way, he never claimed that man was descended from monkeys)
I was always interested in natural history and ended up studying palaeontology as a direct result of my fascination with Darwin. He did sooo many things after that voyage on The Beagle. He spent his life trying to convince himself that maybe he was wrong, and that there really was a single Creator for everything in the universe. He worked on barnacles, orchids and finches among other things. He suffered from ill health for most of his life, one of his beloved daughters died as a young child (his wife never really recovered) and he lived with the pain of knowing that his beloved wife was troubled by his work and by the thought that she would not be with him in Heaven. But he worked on, painstakingly observing and recording and noting, only reluctantly publishing his idea when another, younger, scientist (Wallace) wrote to him with the same ideas.
As a scientist, I always tried to have that same patience, and attention to detail and truth. I didn't though, the lure of music and art and fantasy was too strong, and I came back to that world. I know dragons aren't real, but hey, I can dream, can't I?! I have never lost my admiration for Charles Darwin though, and his courage, perseverance and ultimate integrity in being true to himself and what he observed.

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