Monday, May 16, 2011

Something that makes you sad

It makes me sad to think of how much my dad has missed of his grandchildren, and how much he would have enjoyed seeing them grow and how proud he would be of them. I made a LO of him ages ago, with sailing pictures, but I had these 2 other photos that I wanted to use to show another side of him, the music and words side. I've used his old business cards (from when he was music critic of the Irish Times and when he taught English in Italy), some stamps of the Irish Times clock, and other things that remind me of him - it probably doesn't make much sense to anyone but me. It's a rubbish photo too, I've been at work all day and so had to take the picture in the evening. I miss him.


  1. I'm glad the music flowers found a good home :D. I like the layout, with its sort of vintage and definite masculine feel.
    My uncle was one of the music critics for the IT for years. He always refused to type his reviews - he used to write them in his beautiful italic writing - one of the things Parkinson's has robbed him of.

  2. what an odd coincidence, my father also had Parkinson' robbed him of playing his beloved piano and cello. A cruel disease.