Friday, May 20, 2011

A stuffed doll/animal that you own

I've had these baby photos of myself for ages waiting to be scrapped so I decided to use them today as one of them has my precious teddy Pinky in it, along with Janie my doll. Sadly Janie is no longer with me, I'm not sure where or when we parted company, but Pinky is still going strong and lives in a box in my bedroom to protect him from moths! He is not nearly as fluffy as he used to be, but still just as lovable.
I debated whether to go with the colour of the black and white photos and then decided to go with a mad colour LO in complete contrast to the pics. The photo is awful as I had to use my phone because Son no 1 has absconded with my camera - he didn't think it would matter as it doesn't get used very often - ha ha ha, just shows how much he notices!!!
I also managed to update my borrowing day, so I am now caught up on myself after a very stressful and busy week :D

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