Friday, May 27, 2011

Your handwriting

I used to change my handwriting quite often, trying out fancy letters and at one point all the dots on my i's were open circles - it took a long time to write anything! It got more streamlined when I had to write for exams, and now the only fancy letters left are my d's and the ones in my signature.
I made this tag for a LO about the sad tale of the eaten penguins. I used to do very fancy decorations on my Christmas cakes and this particular year it was Santa with some penguins. I had nowhere to put it as the kitchen was very small and completely crowded already so I left it on a table in the hall with strict instructions that no one was to touch it. I guess it was far too tempting for a 2 and half year old, because when I next turned around in the kitchen there was a little face looking up at me, covered in black food colouring and looking slightly full! All I could say was a shocked 'Ohhhhhh' at which point she burst into tears. I felt so bad that I just cuddled her and repaired the damage to what penguins were left!

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