Saturday, June 18, 2011

More workshop cards

I finished off the rest of the cards I had from a kit that I bought at Jackie's workshop. This one was tweaked quite a bit from Jackie's design (sorry Jackie!). I don't sell cards, I just make for my own use, so I tend to just make things that I know I will use. This one was a sympathy card, so I adapted it to be a non-specific blank card that I can use for anything. It's got stickles on the embossed background and on the flower and the hair-bow. The embossed bit is also versamarked and chalked (another trick I learned from Jackie). You can see all the cards on her blog. And I added a bow!
This one is pretty much as the kit, except that I added some ribbon - which doesn't look stuck down properly in the photo, but it is!
I didn't have a photo for this one, and again, decided to change it to a non-sentiment blank card. Chalked the embossed page again, and stickled the butterfly. I also inked the edges with chalk ink, my favourite.
This one is also pretty much as the kit, except that I didn't do the fake stitching round the edge (no patience for that!). I dithered about real stitching and then just left it plain. Inked the oval though and stickled the rose :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Workshop cards and cupcakes

I was at one of Jackie's workshops at the end of May and we had a card kit swap on the theme of 'masculine'. My donor was so generous I have been able to make 2 cards out of my kit (or maybe I'm just stingy with my cards!!!) and I still have some papers left over. The one above is using the nice card they gave me as part of the kit.
This one is just on a plain square card, all I added was the stamped words, and the ribbon holding the charm on. It's going to my brother-in-law for his birthday as he is very proud of his garden pond and his variety of goldfish and wildlife!
My 23 year old son made some amazing cupcakes this week - he has never baked before, and approached the whole task with his designer eyes - it took him 3 hours, but they were well worth it!
Somehow my photos got into a different order when they were uploaded and this workshop card has ended up after the cakes. I got the kit from Jackie, but as it was going to be used for a ballet teacher, I changed the papers she had given and used some music paper instead. I like this design and hope to use it again when I get a new die for my BigShot!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've been working on my mini-album over the last few days, in between catching up with some gardening now that the weather is so good. This photo is very dark, but the pictures are black and white and I wanted to keep that same feeling. The photos are taken by Ewa. The sequence depicts Gerda and her grandmother first being attacked by the Robber Baron and then being rescued by the Raven King. The ravens help Gerda on her journey and also show her a vision of the Snow Queen's palace where Kay is being held prisoner (that's the next page!). I deliberately covered the whole page with either TH dream/journey tape, a script stamp in silver, silver mesh, and my own handwriting, also in silver. I wanted it to depict the feelings of capture and then the movement of the flock of ravens. Silver for the Snow Queen of course, to represent her cold heart.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Daily craft

Yesterday I toddled off to my craft desk thinking that I hadn't done my daily craft for my challenge, and realised that I had finished the challenge and didn't actually HAVE to do anything. Weird feeling. But I went ahead with this LO anyway as I had the photos picked out and had been thinking about it. Today was a bit stressful so I haven't done any crafting, but tomorrow I'm getting back to my mini-album to finish it off. I need another challenge!