Saturday, June 4, 2011


I've been working on my mini-album over the last few days, in between catching up with some gardening now that the weather is so good. This photo is very dark, but the pictures are black and white and I wanted to keep that same feeling. The photos are taken by Ewa. The sequence depicts Gerda and her grandmother first being attacked by the Robber Baron and then being rescued by the Raven King. The ravens help Gerda on her journey and also show her a vision of the Snow Queen's palace where Kay is being held prisoner (that's the next page!). I deliberately covered the whole page with either TH dream/journey tape, a script stamp in silver, silver mesh, and my own handwriting, also in silver. I wanted it to depict the feelings of capture and then the movement of the flock of ravens. Silver for the Snow Queen of course, to represent her cold heart.

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