Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girly stuff

We've had groups of teenage girls in our house recently, and it fascinates me how they act and how their group dynamics differ from a group of boys the same age. Mostly the boys just sit around the Playstation or the TV interacting by sharing a game or a programme (with minimal verbal communication), eating, and shoving each other about a bit. The girls never stop talking, there's a lot of 'oh my god' and 'did you SEE', some squealing and lot of laughing. They come into the house after a party, and first thing is that the high heels come off (if they haven't been taken off in the car on the way home), then the false eyelashes bite the dust, and finally the make up wipes come out and all the faces are cleaned, before they settle down for a good gossip, some pizza and lots of orange juice.
I found these pretty eyelashes on the table the next morning, I thought they looked a bit like dragonfly wings and I wanted to incorporate them into a craft project..but I had to give them back to their owner for her next transformation.


  1. You are so right. Our dear sons are sitting around in Vienna as I speak - each with some form of communication device in their hands. Heaven forbid they actually talk to each other!!! (Well most of them were sitting around, your precious one was having a bit of a lie-down. Bless him!)

  2. haha. False eyelashes would be a brill idea for a card if you get a nice image r a woman/girl with big eyes!