Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Project

I sort of ground to a halt craft-wise recently, faffing about with some bits and pieces and getting nowhere. The garden is bleh this year, the weather has been so weird that my veggies are not behaving. I planted 2 lots of peas and none came up, only one courgette, which is a tiny plant still, and the tomatoes are complaining bitterly of the cold and wet! Two good things - onions and lots of salads. And the wild flower seeds that I planted have just started to bloom too. I have 2 different lots of wild flowers, one that I bought cheap in the supermarket and one lovely Scottish packet. Fingers crossed for some nice pics soon!
So anyway, on to the crafting. I have had a paper stack for ages called Once Upon a Time, along with some chipboard dies and stickers and other bits. And in my head, an idea, which has been fermenting. If ideas can ferment! So the new project - an album called Once Upon a Time, with pictures of my kids from babyhood to now. Not many pictures, just a representative few, otherwise I would never be finished! I'm using some Tim Holtz dies for the first time, and I have plans for some other stuff too. It's a very personal album, the papers are very fairy-tale with castles, dragons, mermaids and fairies, and I don't care if the photos don't really go with the papers - it's only for me and I'm doing my own thing!!
Now, if I could only get the arty son to remember to cut out the covers for me, I would be flying :D

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  1. I can definitely imagine TH stuff working well with that Once Upon a Time paper. Love the look of those book hinges!!