Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Mystery

I went for a walk this morning down around the park on my usual route. Happily they have repaired the steps now so I get my favourite view of the sea again. It was lovely down there, lots of birds and the early morning sun just trying to get through the layers of cotton wool clouds that we have today. The swans were on the pond too, floating asleep in the middle of it. Which brings me to my mystery. I haven't seen any cygnets at all this year. Not one. Last year they had nine, and every time I went to the park I could see them swimming about, feeding, sleeping on the grass. But this year, nothing. Were there any eggs at all? Did they not hatch? Or worse, did they hatch and did the cygnets fall foul of something or someone? It's kind of sad just to see the two parents on their own. Beautiful as they are. But hopefully next year will be a cygnet year.

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