Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Not getting it at all

I had a kit from Jackie's July workshop to make up, and one of the packs didn't have a picture with it. Soooo, I decided to challenge myself and make a card without looking at her website to check. I sat for ages fiddling about, wasted one bit of embossed card and failed completely to see how it could all be fitted onto one card! So eventually I made 2 cards using only some of the items, and ending up totally dissatisfied.
When I looked at her blog, of COURSE, I should have realised - she made an easel card with it, no wonder I couldn't fit the things on properly. Scroll down a bit on her page and you will see it, it's much niced than my efforts, and honestly, I felt such a numptie!!! Next time I'm going straight to the blog......


  1. I love it Lisa !!! and you have two more images to play with,I must challenge you all more often lol

  2. ah Jackie you are too kind :D it's so nice that you don't take offence when I muck up your kits!

  3. I love it, very pretty and summery :)