Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eli's Owls

This is another project that I did during September, for the very special and utterly amazing Eli......they are little crochet owls, so easy and quick to make and a lot of fun too. My knitting and crochet has come to a pause just now, but I am starting a blanket of knitted squares which will be posted in due course :D


  1. Oh Lisa he loves them, especially the small one that we call mini Eli :) once I find the mama one that he's hidden I'm going to take a danbo & owl family portrait :) thanks again such a sweet present!

  2. Sweet. I saw this pattern ages ago but was put off because it used 'safety eyes' - I love the way you have embroidered them. I know a man who would love one of these. His initials are I.R. and his wife works with Julie!!!!!