Sunday, October 16, 2011

Work work work

Wow I've been busy the last few weeks. Back to work with a bang and getting used to new hours and trying to juggle everything else around at the same time. I've not had much time for crafting, just a bit of knitting which hasn't been photographed yet. A work in progress, so to speak. This weekend though I finally got time to sit down and get my head round a project that I have had brewing for nearly 2 years now! This photo was taken in January 2010 when I went to Scotland for a very snowy visit. I took lots of pictures from the plane window, with the intention of making an album of them. The album is wing-shaped, and I had bought it about a year previously, just because I liked the shape of the pages - I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it. But when I got on the plane that day I knew what that album was going to be used for. But then, of course, other things took over and it sat in a drawer, neglected but not forgotten. A quiet time on the card front meant that I could finally start it this weekend, and I have spent a lovely few hours painting each page with white and blue acrylic paint, and some silver and sparkles on the cover for good measure. The photos are printed out and ready to go - hopefully at the end of the week it will make some more progress!


  1. The tracks on the snowy ground are fascinating - it reminds me of all the railway tracks at a big station!

  2. ooohoooohooooohooooh I remember that snowy visit to Scotland I have some lovely pictures of my own with you and a small baby that is not so small now.

    what a lovely way to document those memories :)