Sunday, November 6, 2011

Telescoping time

Time is such a funny thing really - you think you have masses and masses of it and suddenly, whoosh! its all gone just like folding up a telescope. AND it definitely moves faster approaching the end of the year! I have really enjoyed my week off work, and managed to get lots of sleep, reading and catching up done. Only got round to the craft table today, but at least it got cleaned earlier in the week!
I went back to my wing book to make a few pages of snowy wonderfulness, it's all very sparkly and blue and white, but I think it captures the emotions of that journey. I had been looking forward to the trip so much, and I was dreading the possibility that it might not happen, even at that last moment sitting in the aeroplane. Looking at that first photo, I really don't know how the pilots got any planes going that day but it all seemed very routine to them!
Once again my photos have uploaded in a random order so this little snippet of something is just a teaser for something I am making for a friend. I couldn't get fabric in the colour I wanted so I am going to have to modify the final creation somewhat, I hope it will work. I have a morning allocated next weekend to get cracking on this.
And finally airborne! Looking down at a snowy landscape as we left Ireland was pretty special.