Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights

Nothing to do with crafting yet, although I did get to do a little today, but it's too dark now to take a pic so I will do that tomorrow. These photos are from when Michael Bublé turned on the Christmas lights and unveiled the Brown Thomas windows. He was so lovely, he sang and charmed the crowd. The windows have a ballet theme this year and my daughter was lucky enough to be one of those members of INYB dancing Snowflakes on the red carpet outside the windows.
It was a very special evening, and for the girls it was even more special as Michael shook each of their hands and said 'Hi, I'm Michael' while they just gawped at him! He told them that they were beautiful and was thoroughly charmed by their dancing. What a lovely memory to have, and it was the start of the Christmas magic for me.

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