Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Christmas!

The December book is up to date but I keep forgetting to take photos in the daylight......lots of food, evenings chatting round the fire and watching movies, cooking, crafting, cuddling the cats, enjoying my Christmassy candles and just having time to do nothing. Happy Christmas season to you all xx

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eight to Sixteen - busy busy busy!!

 Wow those days have been so busy.......dress rehearsals and dinner with friends.....
 ...the craft fair and Christmas shopping....
 ....last bits of work to do and more shopping bits.........

 .....posting parcels and trying to get organised...........
 ....and then into the theatre for dress rehearsals and shows........
 ......magic, magic magic......

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Five, Six and Seven......

 Time keeps marching on and this week is mega-busy so there will be a back-log of pages! Lots of dance and ballet related things too. Day 5 has a mirror sticker on it, which doesn't show very well in the photo but is pretty in real life.
 Day 6 was very stressful with various things and ended with me in tears driving home from work in the evening, so I added the Peace die-cut (it's a Kaisercraft one) to remind me that everything passes. And indeed, the situation has been resolved and will mean less stress for me in January!
One of my favourite days - cooking for a pre-Christmas dinner (I didn't go to it,just provided food!) and then lovely ballet in the evening - one of my 'freeze-and-keep' moments is that first opening note on the oboe in the overture of Swan Lake followed by the harmony of the rest of the orchestra - so many memories and magic contained in that moment - gorgeous music and fabulous dancing too, the lead female dancer was amazing.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day three and four

 Oooh I'm finding it hard to get time to take photos and upload! I AM filling in the book as I go (more or less!) but then I hit a day that I want to add more things to and it has a pause.
I forgot how busy December was, and this coming week is even more manic - but that's part of the fun of the madness I suppose! Got a lot of shopping done today which has helped my stress levels, now I just have a few things left to get, but one of them has to be posted to Spain so I really need to get cracking on that in my free slot this week. I've had 2 nights out in a row which doesn't help, looking forward to the fire and junk TV this evening.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day one and two

 So here are my first 2 days of December - the idea was that I would collect mementoes of the day and add them to the pages but of course that requires me to remember to collect something! I did ok on 1st but 2nd went a bit pear-shaped so I just added some more of my own bits.
Day 3 and 4 will follow in the morning when the light is out for some photo taking.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

December book

 I keep seeing mention of Day books and Smash books and other types of books in crafty blogs and websites recently and to me they are just little albums like the ones I enjoy making - so I decided to make a Winter Book, which I would use as a diary for December this year and next year (there are enough pages, although I don't know how practical it will be!). The album is quite small, the cover is 6x6 and I think for the future I would make a bigger one. This is just a drawing book that I've had for ages with white cartridge paper in it, strong enough to take some layering and glue, but the binding isn't that spacious, so it might not fit another December!  I can't remember the paper pad I used, it was from Create with Kate, but I don't see it on the website now. The cover has one of those mirror embellies which I put stickles onto and also onto the snowflakes so it is quite twinkly in real life.
This is the inside page, the die cuts I used are from Kaisercraft and the numbers are from Lou, they are papertrey I think. The idea is that I will journal each day - including a note on what I was doing and some memos of the day and will post every few days with the pages as I go along. I have my advent calendar ready to go and my lovely advent wreath from my Prague friends, so December, here I come!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Sunrise

 Came downstairs one morning last week and saw this glorious sky.
 I just went out into the back garden and clicked, zoomed and clicked again.

Sadly the day did not live up to the glorious sunrise and the old saying 'red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning' certainly proved true, the day was grey, cloudy and miserable. But at least the sunrise was beautiful.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank Yous

I had a few thank yous to say this week and I was trying to get some inspiration for something nice and interesting and a bit different when I noticed a little pile of tiny envelopes and cards that I have had for about a year or more. And some baker's twine which came in the same pack. So I thought of using them, mounted on some paper and then added some flowers and a doodle border. This one is for a colleague who covered for me at work. I liked it, so I made 2 more, pretty similar. Apologies to those people, but I did rather like the design, and it would lend itself to many other messages and styles. Sadly I don't have any more little cards and envelopes so I will have to source some from the wonderful world of cyber-space!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


And here they are, a few weeks later, in bloom and filling the room with a gorgeous scent, specially on sunny days. My outdoor ones are just beginning to put a little tiny peek of green out of the soil, and the 2 hyacinths in water have lots of roots and the start of leafy bits. Bulbs really are amazing things!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why is it so hard to remove the backing from Dymo tape?

 I've been using my Dymo a bit this week, sadly I had just cut my nails, so removing the backing tape was even harder than usual!! I got a lovely pile of stuff from CreatewithKate, who very kindly sent it all again after the post office managed to lose the first parcel. After such a long wait, it was doubly exciting to finally get my parcel, thank you, Kate! Above is a card for one of my oldest and closest friends, who is godmother to my eldest. Her birthday is a few days before Hallowe'en so I got a bit carried away! I have since put dark purple stickles on the edges of the butterflies and it looks a whole lot better. The paper is one I got in Lidl a while ago - their occasional craft stuff is always worth buying. I cut out some leaves for the top to add a bit of extra dimension.
This is the anniversary card I made hubby for our 27th. Lovely paper from Studio 7 and a mirror sticker thingy (not sure what its called) and a Tim Holtz personalised brad. I had the flowers already but the rest is from CreatewithKate, woohoo! I've started work on my Fairy Castle album too - pictures will follow at some point!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


 I'm sure you all know by now how much I love autumn, and one of the things I love most is planting bulbs. I love how they come in such an amazing variety of colours and styles, and I can never pick out a favourite. Sometimes the bright cheerful yellow of daffodils appeals to me, sometimes it's the delicateness (is that a word?) of snowdrops, and other times the pinks and reds of tulips are my favourites. But one bulb that I grow every year is Narcissus Paperwhite. I love the simplicity of them, just stick them in the compost, or sand, put them on a windowsill and off they go. And when they flower, the room is filled with the most incredible scent.
This year I bought 2 packs and crammed them into one bowl, so in a few weeks I'm hoping to have gorgeous white flowers and heavenly scent! I also bought a pack of Bridal Crown - these are a similar idea, small flowers with big scent, but these ones do need a cold dark spell and so they are away down the garden covered in a box to keep the light out - hopefully they will be flowering in time for Christmas.
And in the meantime I am still wandering the aisles of the garden centre, trying to decide what to put in my big patio pot this year - pink and white tulips? masses of yellow daffodils? or maybe I'll try something completely different and go for bright bright red.........hmmm.......

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school

 It's that time of year again when autumn starts to show its first beginnings - lovely! My favourite time of year. And my garden has struggled this year with all the rain and wetness, so I don't think autumn holds any fears for it - let's hope for lots of autumnal sunshine!
 My last child has gone back to school - this time next year we will be a school-free family, how strange after 21 years - I am looking forward to it!
 There are some nice flowers in the garden, braving the rainy weather, and my honeysuckle has been lovely, and in the evenings the scent is gorgeous, it doesn't seem to mind the rain. I even cut a flower and brought it into the house and each evening the scent fills the room.
 I usually try to keep these Japanese anemones under strict watch as they tend to take over everywhere, but as they are one of the few cheerful things this year I've left them alone! Time enough to cut them back later on in the year.
 Poor old cats, they really haven't had a fun summer.
 And the roses don't like the rain so much!
 Our newly repaired and painted bench, I think it's been sat on twice.
But I just know September will be gorgeous!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another altered canvas

I'm enjoying these canvases, I've got another one planned now! This one is a flat-warming present for my son and the 3 girls he lives with (that sounds bad, but it isn't!). Three ballet dancers and a musical theatre student, so the canvas reflects their interests, hopes and dreams. It was fun to make, I painted it first with acrylic paint but most of it got covered so I didn't really need to. The word cloud in the middle was made with Wordle, a free online toy which is great fun. You just type in lots of words, or text from something, and it makes them into a cloud - you can change the font, colours etc. The pictures are just photocopies from magazines and the cover of the sheet music 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. I made some of the embellies myself from Fimo (thanks Lou!) and the heart with wings is from a cheap chain in Penney's. It's all modpodged together and sprayed with varnish to protect it. He liked it, and said it would go on the wall, and that the girls would like it too! Satisfaction all round :D
PS I changed my blog, don't like it, can't work out how to revert to what I originally had............any ideas?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Betty tries to find an activity

It's been so wet lately that Betty was getting very restless and needed something to do. She hid away for a long time after her Easter escapade, but she has been truly sorry and so she is out and about again and looking for something to fill in the rainy days. She tried some crochet, but fell asleep on the ball of wool.
 Then she tried some knitting, but that didn't go too well!
After untangling herself from all that wool, next up was some friendship bracelet weaving. But she got in a muddle with that too, and decided to borrow one that was already made - she did put it back though!
 After that it went very quiet for a while and eventually I heard a squeak from the other room. Poor Betty had tried some sewing and managed to stab herself with a pin. She tried to get it out and ended up on the piano. Which gave her another idea.....
 ...but it's hard to play the piano without any fingers, although she did give it a good attempt.
 Betty was exhausted by now, and decided there was nothing else to do but look for a comfy place to sleep. Podge wasn't so sure....
.. but he came round in the end, and all is peaceful once more!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Card for a sewing friend

I think I might have overdone the sewing stuff on this card a little bit, but my friend did like it! She designs and makes costumes for INYB, among other things and is very talented. I used some Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz papers along with various sewing embellies and I glossy accented the butterflies (can't remember where I got those from).

Monday, July 30, 2012

Holiday woollies

 No, not the kind you have to wear, but the woolly things I managed to create on holidays! This is the first square for a bag, it's about 3" square - I like doing squares as you can carry around one in your handbag and it's not too complicated. Not sure about this pattern, it's a new one I'm trying and I haven't got it into my head yet so still need to use the book!
 Some knitting got done also, although this isn't finished yet, she still needs her wings and silver star. You can see the finished ones here, my picture is not good, she looks more like a pig than a mouse! I didn't have any white wool of the right weight to bring with me so she got done in pale pink, but I think white would work better really.
This was the biggest project, it's a cardigan for my mother and I managed to finish one front after ages and ages of it just sitting in the bag. Now I need an afternoon of movie watching to get the next front done! I really shouldn't start cardigans - I hate how many pieces they have, and I ALWAYS get fed up far too soon, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!
I also managed to get lots of reading done, which was nice, that's slowed down so much and we've only been back a couple of days.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Off on holidays in the morning - can't wait, even though it's not very far's enough to make a difference and I'm so looking forward to it. I have a basket packed with some crafting things - wool, crochet hooks, patterns, knitting needles, a half-done project, pencils, drawing book, and lots and lots of reading material. A camera, and a list of places to visit. Please sunshine, be kind to us, we don't need much, just a little each day! And I can. not. WAIT to meet a certain little man and his very talented mummy :D :D :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

Card for Lily-Mae

As most of you know, I am involved, in a very small way, in the ballet world. Recently, we were shocked to learn that the 4 year old daughter of one of our teachers had been diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer. Lily-Mae is the daughter of Judith Sibley, of YouthBalletWest, and Leighton Morrison. As a parent, my heart immediately went out to them. As the parent of someone training to be a full-time professional dancer, I realised that these people could not both work and care for their daughter and son. Dancing is a hard hard profession, it is unforgiving - if you can't work, you don't get paid, especially if you are a teacher or freelance performer. There is no backup.
There have been lots of fundraising events going on, especially the kindness of Jamie Harrison who donated his busking money to Lily-Mae and her family. We at INYB are holding our own fundraiser tomorrow, the first of several, as we have some more planned for the autumn too, when everyone is back rehearsing. I made this card for Lily-Mae as I read that she likes both dinosaurs and dancing - a hard thing to combine in a card, but I hope she likes it!
If anyone would like to donate to the trust for Lily-Mae, here is the link. Any surplus funds will go towards neuroblastoma research. Thank you. x.