Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crochet in the Car

This is my new best friend. This little plastic bag comes with me every time I get in the car, complete with one or two balls of wool and my crochet hook. It's incredibly relaxing and I get SO much done - which probably says more about the state of our traffic than about my crocheting abilities. I used to bring my knitting with me, but since I finished The Blanket, I have gone back to crocheting, which I always preferred anyway. No nasty long pointy things to prod you and fall down the side of the car seat. Just one little rounded hooky thing which sits neatly on my lap when I have to inch forward a couple of feet towards the red light. And it seems to grow so fast, I got 3 rounds done the other day...........again, that says a lot about the state of our traffic, I was only in the car for 20 minutes! This is another present I'm constructing so I can't show too much of it, and to be honest, I get more done in the car than anywhere else since I am at home so little these days. I catch up a bit at the weekend and then it's back to the car again. It's lovely to be productive in a traffic jam though, traffic is SUCH a waste of time and everyone gets so grumpy and impatient. Not me, out comes the hook and the wool and off I go into my own little world, creeping along to my destination (where I sometimes sit and finish off the round!). This particular project is over half way there, so hopefully it will be finished before too much longer. Now, what I want to know is - can I bring a crochet hook through airport's no worse than a pen or an fact it's a lot LESS pointy than an umbrella!!


  1. Hmmm, maybe it's time I investigated crochet a bit more seriously. Mind you, as I have to get the bus to work I can read or do crosswords. I do agree, traffic is such a waste of time! I can walk from work into Dame Street in about 1 minute more than it takes a bus, and from James' St it's a fair walk. I prefer the exercise.
    Knitting for cards - I just use really fine needles, 2/5mm, say, or 3, and then just transfer it to the cocktail sticks when I'm done knitting.
    Last time I looked knitting needles were technically allowed through airport security, but I haven't felt like arguing over it with a security official who hadn't checked and no doubt wouldn't allow it.

  2. ah, thanks! and I've had that happen to me before where one person told me I could bring something through and then another wouldnt allow it........

  3. You kept this very quiet when I saw you yesterday!! In fact we didn't get around to talking crafting at all - as I was rabbiting on too much about mess in the house. Looks lovely.

    Can you take knitting needles/crochet hooks through security? Strangely seems to be country dependent. In Canada no problem, in Dublin - not so sure. But a crochet hook should be no problem. If it were me I would put it in a little pencil case along side some pens etc. I can give you the perfect pencil case. Very small, cute and crochet hook perfect size!!

    My flowers are gorgeous. Thank you again. J & G are DETERMINED to have you at our next relaxing girls evening. They wanted to drive down and collect you yesterday evening. You can bring your crochet! Thank you again for my fab flowers.

    Carol x

    PS Message from Max -20 degrees during the day!