Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waking up the garden

Well that's my excuse anyway for the state of my craft table. I've been doing things in the garden! I'm really thinking it might be safe to take the fleecey covers off my delicate plants now and to do a bit more trimming of last years dead stems. I hope a frosty night won't prove me wrong.
I've had these potatoes sitting at my window for the last few weeks too, maybe another week and I will plant's my first time growing potatoes so I think a bit of research might be needed!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Oh dear......

This is how I found Betty this morning (that's an icecube on her head by the way). She claims she hit her head while she jumped down from the letterbox (she couldn't manage the key). I'm not so sure.......

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Meet Betty. Betty is my gnome, made by my very talented friend Carol, and Betty will be featuring in this blog from time to time. Carol has made lots of these gnomes, and they live all over the world in different places, but Betty has come to live with me. Betty is very shy, but wanted to be a little different from all the other gnomes. Betty wanted a flower on her hat. Luckily, Carol also made me a miniature flower shop for my birthday a couple of years ago, and so help was near at hand. Betty had to wait a little while for the shop to open, as the owner was quite busy, and then she had to order her flower, since it wasn't the usual fare for this particular shop. However, finally -Betty has her flower. It is pink, with a blue centre. Betty is very pleased with her flower and feels it just makes enough of a statement so that other gnomes will know that she is a little bit out of the ordinary. Because Betty is a GIRL. In the gnome world, girls are quite rare. Betty is also an artiste.....but that's a story for another day.
In the meantime, Betty is all set to hit the town with her new flower and her new confidence - although I am slightly concerned about the Nitelink ticket....I think I better put a key under the mat.
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where did that blue sky go?

Typical! I bring my camera and it's a cloudy day - it was even starting to rain as I took these photos. Lots of bright colour at the entrance to the park though, nothing can dull the bright yellow of spring flowers.

A lovely white and pearly grey feather on the grass, probably off a seagull, since there were plenty both flying and poking about on the ground. The birdsong was amazing this morning - do they sing louder on a cloudy day?
Only one swan to be seen, which makes me hopeful that the other is on the nest.
And a grey sea today, but signs of spring everywhere.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Blue Skies

I've had a couple of really lovely walks in the last few days, nowhere exciting, just around the park, but the skies have been so blue and the air so crisp that it's been a real tonic. I deliberately didn't bring my camera, as I wanted to just walk and breathe in the blueness and the feel of spring without stopping to take photos. But I kept seeing things that I wanted to take photos of! Lots of new buds appearing, and on the very top of the huge chestnut trees near our house there are definite big sticky buds and leaves beginning to unfurl. Also lots of little birds, daffodils, and bright things in people's gardens. I will bring my camera tomorrow. Promise :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


And what a beeeeeeeautiful Saturday it's been. The sun shone nearly all day long, despite the miserable weather forecast. I had a lovely morning all to myself. I started by cleaning up the kitchen and the table, and doesn't that empty table look lovely in the sunlight? It's amazing how much the daffodils have opened up during the day.
Then, some tea (anyone got any good ways of getting tea stains off tea cosies?) and some good music. And then.........
mess time!! I've been making cards for a friend's annual Daffodil Day fundraising, and although I had a few made, I wanted to make more. So today was the day. I had a lovely few hours cutting, sticking, choosing and generally faffing about. The patio door was wide open, the sun was beaming in (so much so that I had to put the screen up to give myself some shade) and the music was great. And here's the result -
a respectable heap of cards which are now in a giant sized Jiffy Bag waiting to hit the post office on Monday morning. And then I went into town to meet a friend for a cup of tea. Lovely.
And what's better at the end of a productive day than to curl up in a chair and fall asleep?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In a Dark Place

That's where I've been lately, a dark place with not much in the way of smiley happy things going on. I had lots to blog about, but I just couldn't summon up the willpower somehow. It's lifted for now, it's still lurking though, but for the moment I am out of the Shadows. There are many reasons for the lurking darkness, but most of them have to do with lack of control in my life. It's a funny thing, control. We need a bit of it, some need more than others, we need to feel in charge of at least part of our lives. It's finding that part that is hard for me sometimes, as there are many things that I can't control. And that is the way it should be. Some don't matter most of the time, like children growing up - that's fun, and exciting and brings all sorts of new things and new challenges. But sometimes that DOES matter, and it matters a LOT. The Shadows make all sort of things go out of proportion. And then when they are gone you feel a bit of a numpty, because of course those things don't really matter after all. But then BOOM, back come the Shadows and suddenly those things Matter a Lot.
Well anyway, I got a lovely surprise this week when I won (yes, won!!!) the Blog Candy on the lovely Pam's blog. She really was incredibly generous, and she makes the most gorgeous cards too, go over and have a look.
Here is my prize -
a totally delicious mixture of papers, ribbon, embellies, a Tim Holtz die (that I didn't have and really wanted!!!) and a mini ALBUM!!!! I love making mini albums, I can get a whole theme going and it's really satisfying. I am almost finished the one about my daughter, it's been on pause for about 2 weeks now (sigh) and now I have another blank one just waiting for inspiration. And best of all, I have a whole day to myself coming up on Saturday - time for lots of crafting, relaxing, and NO Shadows. :D