Saturday, March 17, 2012


Meet Betty. Betty is my gnome, made by my very talented friend Carol, and Betty will be featuring in this blog from time to time. Carol has made lots of these gnomes, and they live all over the world in different places, but Betty has come to live with me. Betty is very shy, but wanted to be a little different from all the other gnomes. Betty wanted a flower on her hat. Luckily, Carol also made me a miniature flower shop for my birthday a couple of years ago, and so help was near at hand. Betty had to wait a little while for the shop to open, as the owner was quite busy, and then she had to order her flower, since it wasn't the usual fare for this particular shop. However, finally -Betty has her flower. It is pink, with a blue centre. Betty is very pleased with her flower and feels it just makes enough of a statement so that other gnomes will know that she is a little bit out of the ordinary. Because Betty is a GIRL. In the gnome world, girls are quite rare. Betty is also an artiste.....but that's a story for another day.
In the meantime, Betty is all set to hit the town with her new flower and her new confidence - although I am slightly concerned about the Nitelink ticket....I think I better put a key under the mat.
Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!


  1. She is gorgeous!!! I didn't realise you were serious about wanting a flower in her hat. The one she has is far better than anything I could have created. Can't wait to see and hear more about Betty's antics in the future.

    Thought you would be intereted to know that after you left I went out to reposition the fabulous bronze owl you gave me. As I walked towards the birch tree a magnificent red fox sauntered from behind our garden shed, through the archway and into the wild garden. I followed him/her to see where he/she would go. Cool as a cucumber he/she scaled the back wall behind all the flowering currants and was away. Beautiful animal. Owl now nearer house so it can be admired more easily. You will see next time you and/or Betty visit.

    Hide that nitelink - gnomes are very badly behaved after dark!!!

    Thank you again for the visit, lovely card and gorgeous owl. Cx

  2. It's too late..........she's gone......escaped out the letter box!

  3. I am off to seal up my letter box immediately - and the cat flap. The St. Patrick's Day festivities are continuing and I am worried that I will not have adequate stocks of Alka Seltzer. X