Thursday, March 1, 2012

In a Dark Place

That's where I've been lately, a dark place with not much in the way of smiley happy things going on. I had lots to blog about, but I just couldn't summon up the willpower somehow. It's lifted for now, it's still lurking though, but for the moment I am out of the Shadows. There are many reasons for the lurking darkness, but most of them have to do with lack of control in my life. It's a funny thing, control. We need a bit of it, some need more than others, we need to feel in charge of at least part of our lives. It's finding that part that is hard for me sometimes, as there are many things that I can't control. And that is the way it should be. Some don't matter most of the time, like children growing up - that's fun, and exciting and brings all sorts of new things and new challenges. But sometimes that DOES matter, and it matters a LOT. The Shadows make all sort of things go out of proportion. And then when they are gone you feel a bit of a numpty, because of course those things don't really matter after all. But then BOOM, back come the Shadows and suddenly those things Matter a Lot.
Well anyway, I got a lovely surprise this week when I won (yes, won!!!) the Blog Candy on the lovely Pam's blog. She really was incredibly generous, and she makes the most gorgeous cards too, go over and have a look.
Here is my prize -
a totally delicious mixture of papers, ribbon, embellies, a Tim Holtz die (that I didn't have and really wanted!!!) and a mini ALBUM!!!! I love making mini albums, I can get a whole theme going and it's really satisfying. I am almost finished the one about my daughter, it's been on pause for about 2 weeks now (sigh) and now I have another blank one just waiting for inspiration. And best of all, I have a whole day to myself coming up on Saturday - time for lots of crafting, relaxing, and NO Shadows. :D


  1. I'd been missing you, was about to try to find your address, which I always seem to mislay, and pop a card in the post. A surprise win and some lovely things are always good for the soul!
    I have to work really hard on not wanting to control too much, and trying to cultivate a more relaxed attitude about some things...
    I did have a quick look at other coats of arms - Ulster is of course the Red Hand. Connaught has a sword amongst other things, but I still haven't found anything like that one on College Green. Might help if I found out what the building used to be!!

  2. oh, thank you for the kind thought, I do love your cards :)

  3. Wow lovely prize ...congratulations , what a lovely surprise to win a blog candy .