Saturday, March 3, 2012


And what a beeeeeeeautiful Saturday it's been. The sun shone nearly all day long, despite the miserable weather forecast. I had a lovely morning all to myself. I started by cleaning up the kitchen and the table, and doesn't that empty table look lovely in the sunlight? It's amazing how much the daffodils have opened up during the day.
Then, some tea (anyone got any good ways of getting tea stains off tea cosies?) and some good music. And then.........
mess time!! I've been making cards for a friend's annual Daffodil Day fundraising, and although I had a few made, I wanted to make more. So today was the day. I had a lovely few hours cutting, sticking, choosing and generally faffing about. The patio door was wide open, the sun was beaming in (so much so that I had to put the screen up to give myself some shade) and the music was great. And here's the result -
a respectable heap of cards which are now in a giant sized Jiffy Bag waiting to hit the post office on Monday morning. And then I went into town to meet a friend for a cup of tea. Lovely.
And what's better at the end of a productive day than to curl up in a chair and fall asleep?

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