Saturday, March 24, 2012

Waking up the garden

Well that's my excuse anyway for the state of my craft table. I've been doing things in the garden! I'm really thinking it might be safe to take the fleecey covers off my delicate plants now and to do a bit more trimming of last years dead stems. I hope a frosty night won't prove me wrong.
I've had these potatoes sitting at my window for the last few weeks too, maybe another week and I will plant's my first time growing potatoes so I think a bit of research might be needed!


  1. Hard to know with the weather - last week there were some ground frosts at night here! I hope I was in time to rescue a rather water-logged lily corm today.
    How will you grow the potatoes - in the ground, in tyres?? There seem to be a lot more options nowadays.

  2. At least your potatoes are tidely in an egg box, we have ours in an ordinary box in the spare room and when we had visitors last week they were under our bed!lol

  3. we have raised beds that we use for veg, we got them a few years ago from Quickcrop, and the potatoes are going in one of those. Not sure whats going in the rest yet, salad things and tomatoes probably

  4. No need whatsoever for any of those fancy beds, my spuds grow happily in the back of my cupboard where I periodically find them months later!!