Saturday, April 7, 2012

In which Betty finds out about Easter

Busy Busy, that's what it's been. One of my sons brought me some lovely mini daffodils for Mother's Day, he managed to carry the pot home in his rucksack while he cycled his bike and it all survived. The flowers were all open, so they only lasted a few days but then I noticed another bud and lo and behold I got a double surprise when it opened to make 2 flowers. What a lovely Mother's Day pressie. The bulbs are now planted in a special pot for next year.
Betty, meanwhile, has been exploring - and discovered my Easter tree. She thought it was rather fine to sit up in the branches and look out on the world.
After a while though, she got bored, and was more interested in what I was doing, than in stargazing. So she climbed down to investigate and got more than she bargained for......
attacked by a giant gold rabbit!!! Poor Betty, she fainted with the shock. Little does she know it's made of chocolate and will be eaten tomorrow (by me!). When she had recovered, nothing would do only to have a go in the chicken...
and that's where she's been ever since, riding round the garden. The poor chicken is exhausted, last time I saw them it was trying to rest under the hydrangea, but Betty was having none of that. She's currently looking for some friends to come and have chicken races with!

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  1. lol, So funny, little Betty will sleep well after all her adventures of the day. Hope the chicken keeps hidden from now on. :)