Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Stripes

 It being the end of term, one of my pupils gave me this wonderful plant. I just love its cheerfulness! It was in a bright blue bag and the combination of colours was so lovely especially after all the grey dreary days we've been having.
In the evening, it closes up its petals like some sort of golden spider, and then next morning, there it is again, shouting its happiness to the sun. I haven't quite decided where I am going to put it yet, but it will be somewhere I can see it from the dining table. It's a Gazania, which I think come from South Africa, and are fairly hardy, so I hope it will be with me for a long time.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Garden tales

 Wow it's been a long time since I posted. No particular reason for that, just busy busy with work and stuff, not much crafting going on, and no gardening since the weather has been so odd. However, things in the garden are braving the weather and this week my beautiful rose started to open its buds. I don't know how it is surviving the frosty nights.
 The wisteria is also bravely making an appearance - those new leaves look so delicate, I hope the frost doesn't turn them black!
 The bluebells flowered as normal, and have been a welcome splash of bright blue on the dark dreary days we've been having. The leaves are coming out on the silver birch too - very tender looking!
 We've had lots of pear blossom and now apple blossom, I love the pink and white of the apple blossom, there's something so pretty and spring-like about it.
 The only thing I've planted so far is potatoes, which are growing well. No salad seeds yet, with the frost at night still I don't think they would survive.
 More bluebells under the apple tree making a lovely mix of colours.
 And these beautiful bright red anemones,which I had completely forgotten about. They almost look like poppies and are bravely withstanding the gales and hailstorms today.
 And lastly, a rather bedraggled purple pansy - the hailstones have not been kind to it but Henny Penny is keeping a watchful eye on it!
Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, I am about to light the fire and snuggle up on the sofa!