Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting Messy

 Funny how some people love getting messy and some people hate it. I'm one of the messy ones - whether it's paint, flour, soil, sand, glue - I've never minded. So the last few days I've been getting messy with Bake n' Bend and Fimo - inspired by the talented Lou, of course! The rare hot weather made it even more messy - the heat in my south-facing kitchen and my warm hands made both clays harder to work with than usual, and quite sticky.
 I had a pile of new Tim Holtz tags, wings, crowns and locks. I wanted to increase my stock a little, even though the 'copies' won't be the same, as they are not metal, but made of Fimo. So I made some moulds from Bake n' Bend - a flexible modelling clay - that's the first picture with all the mad colours. It doesn't matter what colour the mould is, so I've just been using up the colours in the pack.
Bake them, cool them, and then they are ready to use as moulds. White Fimo works best, I've discovered, as then you can paint it whatever colour you like - although I mostly just use Goldfinger in either gold or silver to highlight the raised areas. Keeping them fairly thin works better too, I've made some too thick this time. The cogs didn't work so well, they are very small and fiddly but the wings, crowns and locks were great. Now to get painting and creating (and there's nothing messier than Goldfinger!)


  1. And no better smell than goldfinger :) they look great Lisa, can't wait to see them painted! I've the TH Doll set since CHRISTMAS and I've been trying to mould them since then. We must swap some again soon!

  2. Oh Lisa, I'm trying that! They look great :)