Monday, July 30, 2012

Holiday woollies

 No, not the kind you have to wear, but the woolly things I managed to create on holidays! This is the first square for a bag, it's about 3" square - I like doing squares as you can carry around one in your handbag and it's not too complicated. Not sure about this pattern, it's a new one I'm trying and I haven't got it into my head yet so still need to use the book!
 Some knitting got done also, although this isn't finished yet, she still needs her wings and silver star. You can see the finished ones here, my picture is not good, she looks more like a pig than a mouse! I didn't have any white wool of the right weight to bring with me so she got done in pale pink, but I think white would work better really.
This was the biggest project, it's a cardigan for my mother and I managed to finish one front after ages and ages of it just sitting in the bag. Now I need an afternoon of movie watching to get the next front done! I really shouldn't start cardigans - I hate how many pieces they have, and I ALWAYS get fed up far too soon, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!
I also managed to get lots of reading done, which was nice, that's slowed down so much and we've only been back a couple of days.


  1. wow you got so much done!!! That cardi is still looking pretty white, no wait is that a smudge? lol joke :)

  2. Love the crochet, can't wait to see the finished articles :)

  3. I don't like cardigans either - too much sewing up and all those button borders. I can never decide if picking stitches up to knit them from the garment is better or worse than all those endless short rows! I'm just working on an all-in-one pinwheel cardigan for my niece; no sewing up but pretty bulky for bringing to work.
    Your little mouse-pig is so sweet - she made me smile.
    p.s. thank you for your offer on the preserving jars. I'll probably just get plain ones in Atlantic or somewhere like that - this is going to have to be a budget Christmas. But as a matter of interest, which supermarket has pretty ones?

  4. I'm sure I saw them in SQ, I will check - they definitely had bowls and other stuff with those spots on and they had jars too, just can't remember exactly the lids!