Sunday, July 1, 2012


Not sure where it went..........passed in a haze of busyness and pottering and looking at other people's blogs but not writing anything with my own.....have done some crafting, but mostly have been trying to sort the house out and clear out a lot of accumulated non-needed stuff........and the rain, oh my lord, will it ever stop! My salad seeds have all been washed away, just a few radishes and marigolds managed to survive but are not really growing. Potatoes are doing well on the leafy side anyway, waiting to see what they produce. Resolution for July - blog more, it's a stress-buster!


  1. I know exactly what you mean about where did June go! I think I'm still going to be catching up on posting photos from Paris at the end of July at this rate...
    And the rain. I left an attic window open one night. Let's just say that many scraps in a pile I'd been keeping forever finally made it to the scrapheap in the sky!

  2. Life catches up on you, you need some you time and just take photos as you go so you can just upload all together. That's why I have a huge influx on my blog at the weekends lol