Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school

 It's that time of year again when autumn starts to show its first beginnings - lovely! My favourite time of year. And my garden has struggled this year with all the rain and wetness, so I don't think autumn holds any fears for it - let's hope for lots of autumnal sunshine!
 My last child has gone back to school - this time next year we will be a school-free family, how strange after 21 years - I am looking forward to it!
 There are some nice flowers in the garden, braving the rainy weather, and my honeysuckle has been lovely, and in the evenings the scent is gorgeous, it doesn't seem to mind the rain. I even cut a flower and brought it into the house and each evening the scent fills the room.
 I usually try to keep these Japanese anemones under strict watch as they tend to take over everywhere, but as they are one of the few cheerful things this year I've left them alone! Time enough to cut them back later on in the year.
 Poor old cats, they really haven't had a fun summer.
 And the roses don't like the rain so much!
 Our newly repaired and painted bench, I think it's been sat on twice.
But I just know September will be gorgeous!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Another altered canvas

I'm enjoying these canvases, I've got another one planned now! This one is a flat-warming present for my son and the 3 girls he lives with (that sounds bad, but it isn't!). Three ballet dancers and a musical theatre student, so the canvas reflects their interests, hopes and dreams. It was fun to make, I painted it first with acrylic paint but most of it got covered so I didn't really need to. The word cloud in the middle was made with Wordle, a free online toy which is great fun. You just type in lots of words, or text from something, and it makes them into a cloud - you can change the font, colours etc. The pictures are just photocopies from magazines and the cover of the sheet music 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. I made some of the embellies myself from Fimo (thanks Lou!) and the heart with wings is from a cheap chain in Penney's. It's all modpodged together and sprayed with varnish to protect it. He liked it, and said it would go on the wall, and that the girls would like it too! Satisfaction all round :D
PS I changed my blog, don't like it, can't work out how to revert to what I originally had............any ideas?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Betty tries to find an activity

It's been so wet lately that Betty was getting very restless and needed something to do. She hid away for a long time after her Easter escapade, but she has been truly sorry and so she is out and about again and looking for something to fill in the rainy days. She tried some crochet, but fell asleep on the ball of wool.
 Then she tried some knitting, but that didn't go too well!
After untangling herself from all that wool, next up was some friendship bracelet weaving. But she got in a muddle with that too, and decided to borrow one that was already made - she did put it back though!
 After that it went very quiet for a while and eventually I heard a squeak from the other room. Poor Betty had tried some sewing and managed to stab herself with a pin. She tried to get it out and ended up on the piano. Which gave her another idea.....
 ...but it's hard to play the piano without any fingers, although she did give it a good attempt.
 Betty was exhausted by now, and decided there was nothing else to do but look for a comfy place to sleep. Podge wasn't so sure....
.. but he came round in the end, and all is peaceful once more!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Card for a sewing friend

I think I might have overdone the sewing stuff on this card a little bit, but my friend did like it! She designs and makes costumes for INYB, among other things and is very talented. I used some Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz papers along with various sewing embellies and I glossy accented the butterflies (can't remember where I got those from).