Friday, August 10, 2012

Another altered canvas

I'm enjoying these canvases, I've got another one planned now! This one is a flat-warming present for my son and the 3 girls he lives with (that sounds bad, but it isn't!). Three ballet dancers and a musical theatre student, so the canvas reflects their interests, hopes and dreams. It was fun to make, I painted it first with acrylic paint but most of it got covered so I didn't really need to. The word cloud in the middle was made with Wordle, a free online toy which is great fun. You just type in lots of words, or text from something, and it makes them into a cloud - you can change the font, colours etc. The pictures are just photocopies from magazines and the cover of the sheet music 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. I made some of the embellies myself from Fimo (thanks Lou!) and the heart with wings is from a cheap chain in Penney's. It's all modpodged together and sprayed with varnish to protect it. He liked it, and said it would go on the wall, and that the girls would like it too! Satisfaction all round :D
PS I changed my blog, don't like it, can't work out how to revert to what I originally had............any ideas?


  1. What a great idea and lovely you personalised it :) with the blog.. I dunno maybe delete all the html codes & start agin sometimes they overcross each other

  2. Wonderful canvas. Must try that "wordie" site, sounds like fun.
    As for blog, not much help, I just use free ones where all the work is done for you!