Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school

 It's that time of year again when autumn starts to show its first beginnings - lovely! My favourite time of year. And my garden has struggled this year with all the rain and wetness, so I don't think autumn holds any fears for it - let's hope for lots of autumnal sunshine!
 My last child has gone back to school - this time next year we will be a school-free family, how strange after 21 years - I am looking forward to it!
 There are some nice flowers in the garden, braving the rainy weather, and my honeysuckle has been lovely, and in the evenings the scent is gorgeous, it doesn't seem to mind the rain. I even cut a flower and brought it into the house and each evening the scent fills the room.
 I usually try to keep these Japanese anemones under strict watch as they tend to take over everywhere, but as they are one of the few cheerful things this year I've left them alone! Time enough to cut them back later on in the year.
 Poor old cats, they really haven't had a fun summer.
 And the roses don't like the rain so much!
 Our newly repaired and painted bench, I think it's been sat on twice.
But I just know September will be gorgeous!


  1. Wonderful photos. I think all gardens in Ireland struggled this year with the amount of rain we got.
    We are on the other end of the secondary school ruler, our son just started 1st year. An exciting time for him.

  2. I love the colour of your bench. Ours had some beautiful fungus growing on it that I meant to photograph, but then C sat on it and it dried out...I didn't make hay while the sun shone.
    Don't you just love honeysuckle!! It reminds me so much of walking down the lanes in Donegal when we were on family holidays way back, but even without the memories I love the scent.
    Plenty of autumn sunshine today, long may it last.