Sunday, August 5, 2012

Betty tries to find an activity

It's been so wet lately that Betty was getting very restless and needed something to do. She hid away for a long time after her Easter escapade, but she has been truly sorry and so she is out and about again and looking for something to fill in the rainy days. She tried some crochet, but fell asleep on the ball of wool.
 Then she tried some knitting, but that didn't go too well!
After untangling herself from all that wool, next up was some friendship bracelet weaving. But she got in a muddle with that too, and decided to borrow one that was already made - she did put it back though!
 After that it went very quiet for a while and eventually I heard a squeak from the other room. Poor Betty had tried some sewing and managed to stab herself with a pin. She tried to get it out and ended up on the piano. Which gave her another idea.....
 ...but it's hard to play the piano without any fingers, although she did give it a good attempt.
 Betty was exhausted by now, and decided there was nothing else to do but look for a comfy place to sleep. Podge wasn't so sure....
.. but he came round in the end, and all is peaceful once more!

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  1. Hehe, thanks for the update on Betty, I knew she would be up to something crafty, She is a great one for giving anything a try. lol