Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank Yous

I had a few thank yous to say this week and I was trying to get some inspiration for something nice and interesting and a bit different when I noticed a little pile of tiny envelopes and cards that I have had for about a year or more. And some baker's twine which came in the same pack. So I thought of using them, mounted on some paper and then added some flowers and a doodle border. This one is for a colleague who covered for me at work. I liked it, so I made 2 more, pretty similar. Apologies to those people, but I did rather like the design, and it would lend itself to many other messages and styles. Sadly I don't have any more little cards and envelopes so I will have to source some from the wonderful world of cyber-space!

1 comment:

  1. I certainly liked mine, and I'm glad you kept the music flowers for others instead of sending coals to Newcastle :D.
    I know you can buy a punch that does little envelopes - tho' sticking vellum is a pain! I had been admiring the nice fine twine.