Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Five, Six and Seven......

 Time keeps marching on and this week is mega-busy so there will be a back-log of pages! Lots of dance and ballet related things too. Day 5 has a mirror sticker on it, which doesn't show very well in the photo but is pretty in real life.
 Day 6 was very stressful with various things and ended with me in tears driving home from work in the evening, so I added the Peace die-cut (it's a Kaisercraft one) to remind me that everything passes. And indeed, the situation has been resolved and will mean less stress for me in January!
One of my favourite days - cooking for a pre-Christmas dinner (I didn't go to it,just provided food!) and then lovely ballet in the evening - one of my 'freeze-and-keep' moments is that first opening note on the oboe in the overture of Swan Lake followed by the harmony of the rest of the orchestra - so many memories and magic contained in that moment - gorgeous music and fabulous dancing too, the lead female dancer was amazing.

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