Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Book

no, not my December book, I did finish it, but I've decided not to show any more pages from it. This one is an album I made with photos from the INYB show again, this time a new ballet created for them by Stephen Brennan, it's called A Christmas Tale.
 The album is again from Kaisercraft and most of the photos are taken by me, except for a few by Ewa.
 I painted it with acrylic paint and decided not to use any papers but to put the photos straight onto to the painted board. This, for me, captures the spirit of the ballet more.
 The snow on the roofs is glittered but it doesn't really show in the photos.
 The music that Stephen used was mostly based on Christmas carols and was so atmospheric.  The set was made by Andrew Clancy and was cut out wood, lit from behind by Zia Holly, it created a little village perfectly.
This album brings back lots of lovely Christmassy memories.


  1. Gorgeous album, love the shape. The pictures look great & I love the dancers in full flight :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the December journal - and so soon after December is actually over!!
    This album looks fabulous - the shape is wonderful and I love that deep blue with white. The snowy texture from the paint looks just perfect.
    The German Apple Pancake we're currently enjoying is indeed from the Vegetarian Epicure. Not, alas, a book I inherited from my mother apart from several individual recipes, so I recently got a second-hand copy. Funny - it's American measurements only, while the photocopies I have from my mother's one are actually in Imperial - there must have been a British edition at some stage!