Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mixed Media

I've been trying mixed media creations lately and this is one I did to try out some chalk effects with a stencil/template (thank you Sabrina!) and to use a new stamp (also from Sabrina x). I love the tree trunk effect and I had fun playing with the chalks too. I then put a little texture on the trees with some acrylic paste and some black stickles. I really wanted some fairies in amongst the trees but I don't have the right stamp for what I wanted so I made do with butterflies. I was after a Midsummer Night's Dream effect and it's getting there, but not quite! I'm enjoying the whole mixed media thing, I basically interpret it as 'do what you like' which gives me licence to slop about with paint, chalks, fabric, buttons, whatever!! It's been a while since I posted, not really sure why, just that time seems to swallow me up sometimes. Nice to see some bright sunny days here again, even if it is still ferociously cold.


  1. That's gorgeous Lisa, love the different colours. Looks like a summer evening sunset :)

  2. Lisa - that's just beautiful! The texture in the trees looks wonderful, I love the butterflies, and goodness ~ the sentiment stamp is just perfect.
    A goldcrest - lucky you, I've never seen one of those yet!
    And oh yes to the sunshine, even if it's still so cold. It's wonderful being able to get the wash dry on the line again!