Friday, July 19, 2013

First Tag!

I've never made a tag before and to be honest, I'm not sure what purpose they have, except to be collected like artists trading cards, but I thought I would try one as part of a crafty swap. We were all given a letter of the alphabet and I got B so I decided to use this little blackboard that I got in a florist's supply shop and put on lots of things beginning with B. I had fun thinking of things and looking through my stuff to find anything beginning with B and then I came up with a few more like border (which I drew on) and the bow in the ribbon. I think I've got 18 things listed on the back of the tag! Hope the recipient will like it, it goes in the post on Monday.


  1. B is for ... Beautiful! Gorgeous tag, I use mine on presents either simple just for identification or elaborate instead of a bow :)

  2. Oh, tags are enormous fun. I always have to cover up the mess on the back, but then like Grainne I often use them with a special gift. Or if they're not dimensional they'll work as bookmarks, too. How could the recipient not like this! So much fun to pick out all the "b"s - love the beads.

  3. Great tag Lisa, can't believe you got 18 things beginning with b! I got 3 and thought I was doing well ;) You'll be hooked on tags after this