Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lily-Mae's ballet shoes

Some of you may have heard of Lily-Mae, a little girl who has a serious cancer, neuroblastoma. She was 4 years old when she learned the name of this disease, and she likes dinosaurs and ballet dancing. I first heard about her because both her parents are ballet dancers. Together with her uncle, they have changed my life. The updates about Lily-Mae and her treatments and progress are both heart-warming and devastating. No matter how sick she is, this little girl always has a smile on her face. It has been a year now since the diagnosis and in that time they have raised awareness and funding for neuroblastoma research. Lily-Mae even had her own single, Tiny Dancer, endorsed by Elton John, which reached number 1 on the charts. Whenever I feel fed up I think of Lily-Mae and how she keeps on fighting, and smiling - and how her parents and little brother keep on fighting, and smiling. I was honoured to be trusted to create something to remember Lily-Mae's first ballet shoes - and yes, they are tiny! I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and not really having the right papers for what I wanted to create - but then the new Enchanted Garden series from Kaisercraft came out recently and it was perfect. I'm just waiting for a frame to arrive in the post and it will be all ready to hand over.
If you would like to follow Lily-Mae's story, they have a facebook page - Tiny Dancer by a Song for Lily-Mae - and you can donate here. Please do!


  1. I love the way you've incorporated the dinosaurs perfectly into such a pretty, girlie layout, Lisa.
    True, there's nothing like somebody else's major problems to put our own smaller ones in perspective.
    I hope you've survived all the unaccustomed heat!!

  2. Oh that's so beautiful Lisa, the papers are perfect for it! How cute are those ballet shoes, it's something they will always treasure. I follow her on FB and amazed at her, she's gone through so much and still so much more to go through :(