Friday, January 16, 2015

Mixed Media Thoughts

Since I've got interested in making crafty things (as opposed to merely paint and pencils) I've noticed that creativity goes in phases. Maybe everyone is making tags, or complicated folded cards, or altering frames and other items. Using alcohol inks, or stamps, or a particular type of marker.
Recently it's been mixed media.
There are some really gorgeous art works around, using paints, paper, fabric, pens all done together to make a unique picture, often with a quote or some words of wisdom. I always seem to be a few steps behind the latest thing, but I've been enjoying my little attempts  at this genre. 
Here is a page I did using Gelatos (a type of crayon that is water blendable), some tissue paper, some others bits of paper and a bit of fabric, one mini light bulb thingy and an old page that I had cut with a Tim Holtz die ages ago and done nothing with. I can't remember where I got the quote.
It's fun to get messy with these sort of pages (I tend to blend with my fingers a lot of the time!) and I never really have an aim when I start, I just grab a few things and a few colours and see where it takes me. 
It's very relaxing, and if the end result isn't satisfactory it's very easy to either add more things on top of what I have, or simply gesso over it and start afresh.
Win win.

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  1. It makes me think of houses along a seafront! Gelatos are great fun- I got a very small starter pack with Christmas 2013 money - and found they weren't really enough, with only one shade in each colour and not even a rainbow. So I was delighted when the art shop on Thomas Street had a larger set before Christmas!