Saturday, February 13, 2016

Harry Potter

I've just been watching one of the Harry Potter movies (5 actually) while I crocheted and I've been thinking about why I re-watch and re-read things. It's a standing joke in the family - Harry Potter again Mum?? I've watched the movies many times and also read the books many times. Why do I do this? They are good stories with some wonderful moments, but not great literature. Even though there are some great quotes. The films are entertaining but again, not great cinema. Some wonderful moments, some really great actors, some questionable directing, some good music. And still I go back to them. Time and time again.Why?
Because in my head I am with my children again, when they were Harry Potter's age(s). Reliving the excitement that a new book brought. Queuing up at midnight at the book shop just to get a new book. A BOOK! And having to buy 4 copies of it so that everyone had their own and could read in peace. The house was silent for a while (not long, I have to admit, since everyone just got stuck in). Everyone read and read and read. And this was pure joy to me, to see my children so engrossed in a book for the whole day. And then we all talked about it. Talked, laughed and cried (just me for the crying bit). And then I also had the joy of reading it aloud to them. Because of course we had to revise the other books before the new one came out. And so I read aloud for hours with voices too. And when the films came out my voices had to change a bit to accommodate the far better voices of the actors.
I'm so glad that my children (and particularly my eldest) grew up with those books. I'm so glad we had the magic and excitement of not just the stories but the anticipation of a new book, and the trip to the bookshop. They also read lots of other books too, and I read many others to them. But somehow that little boy who lived will always be a bit special.

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